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When we got our first dog a Lhasa Apso called Tilly 10 years ago we decided to have family holidays in the UK taking Tilly along with us.

We always struggled to find good quality, luxury "dog friendly" accommodation and when Gertie our second Lhasa Apso came along a couple of years later we found our choices were more limited.

Originally from Amble we always had great memories of growing up on the beautiful Northumberland Coast and still spent many weekends visiting family still living there, so when we decided to create our own Luxury dog friendly holiday home, Amble was the perfect location!


When we opened Gerties Getaway in July 2019 we were astounded by the fantastic feedback from our guests and realised there were lots of people - just like us who wanted to go on holiday with their beloved dogs but didn’t want to have to compromise on the quality or cleanliness of the places they stayed.


Gerties became very popular very quickly and in August 2020 we took on a renovation project yards from Gerties Getaway and Tilly’s Lookout opened in October 2020.


In December 2020 a new addition to our “pack” arrived in the form of Dexter the rescue Dobermann puppy and Dexters Den opened its doors in May 2021

November 2021 brought more excitement in the form of Shane's Retreat (named after our childhood dog, a magnificent German Shepherd and in 2022 we completed our small collection of Luxury properties with The Hideaway Warkworth!

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